A Need for the Arts

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Is it important to teach the arts in schools? Many believe that the arts are insignificant and to teach them in schools would be a waste of time and money. These people are undoubtedly looking at the arts in the wrong light. The arts have further purpose than to provide kids with a creative pastime, taking part in artistic activities also has the potential to change the way that they look at the world, improve their problem solving skills, and gives kids a sense of pride in their culture. To me it is clearly evident that the arts are key in children's development ergo most definitely should be included in the core curriculum in schools. The arts helps teach children creative thinking which can assist them in other areas of their education such as book analysis and problem solving in innovative ways as well as expand their area of knowledge in general. Specialists make the point that art helps students develop a sense of “ownership of learning,” and when discussing why she had her students do visual projects to assist in the learning process a middle school teacher commented that "T...
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