A Near-Death Experience

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A Near-Death Experience

Ian was deep sea diving with his friends in Mauritius when he saw a

jellyfish in the water. He hadn't noticed his friends had left the

water due to the jellyfish being deadly. Ian, not knowing this put his

hand out to touch the jellyfish and it swam through his hands.

The next thing he knew he had been struck on the arm by volts, as he

wasn't wearing a diving suit. Ian's arm flared up like a balloon and

he was then hit another three times, the poison started to travel up

his body and restrict his breathing at this point he knew he had to

get out of the water.

As a young boy dragged him out he was struck again for the fifth time.

Questions were going through his head; he didn't know what he had done

to deserve this. Then suddenly everything he did wrong flashed before

him and made him think that yes he had deserved this.

The next thing he knew was that he was left on the road with his right

leg paralysed and laying half dead on the floor. He wanted to close

his eyes and go to sleep but he then heard a voice say: " if you close

your eyes you won't wake up". To this Ian stood up and stumbled to a

taxi but they wouldn't take him, he had no money.

The voice spoke again: " will you beg for your life".

Still no one would take him, they thought he was taking heroine.

He decided to pray, but as he wasn't very religious himself he didn't

know what to say and then he thought of the Lords prayer which his

mother had taught him.

The first three lines were the most important and then the next things

he noticed he was in a wheelchair in hospital.

He finally shut his eyes but opened them again to find everything in

total darkness and no light switch. Voices were then heard saying; "

shut up" repeatedly, he had no idea where he was but he did know there

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