A Nation In Bloom

When thinking of a garden, people usually think of a small homemade garden. In the nineteenth century, leaders of our country decided to create a garden that represented what we stand for. The United States Botanic Garden is a brilliant display of nature from all over the world. Some of the plants displayed there are over one hundred and sixty years old. The garden has a rich history and is a wonderful place to visit. The US Botanic Garden is a monumental example of American history and innovation.

The garden was first proposed in 1816 to gather, grow, and distribute plants of all countries to help the welfare of the American people. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison were the first people who proposed the creation of a national botanic garden. President James Monroe set out five acres for a national garden in 1820. The grounds were just west of capitol grounds and the garden was incorporated into the National Mall in late 1820. The original garden was on swampy ground making it difficult to irrigate the plants. Funds to build the garden were scarce but the garden was still a strong symbol for our nation. The garden united the different parts of the world and displayed rich history in a clear and beautiful manner. Eventually the maintenance of the garden proved to be too costly, and as a result, the garden committee stopped meeting in 1837. The idea of the garden reopening came up in 1842, because of the abundance of plants being brought back from the expeditions taking place around the South Seas. After the garden reopened, plants were finally placed in the garden in late 1850. The garden was introduced to the jurisdiction of the Joint Committee on the Library of Congress in 1856. Throughout the nineteent...

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...n time there are 50,000 plants at the production facility.

When the garden was established, the hope of the founding committee was to make a garden that could join every nation in a beautiful and historic way. The Botanic Garden is a monumental display of the diversity throughout the world. By visiting the garden, people can learn about history and see plants they never would see otherwise. The garden is a time machine of sorts for the United States and will serve as a learning institution for the generations to come.

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