A Mysterious Success

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The movie “Searching for Sugar Man” has an amazing message. It begins with a mystery about a Detroit singer-songwriter known as Rodriguez who, after being discovered at a dive bar, cut a well-regarded record in 1969. The album was “Cold Fact”, and it earned good reviews and four Billboard stars, but it was not a hit in the United States, and Rodriguez became a mystery. Which brings the filmmaker Malik Bendjelloul to film this documentary to find some answers in what truly happened to Rodriguez? The film was successful because the director shows viewers that even though an accomplished goal might not be recognized by others, they can still be a success to one.
At first the film starts out in Detroit, Michigan in where Rodriguez lives, and goes to Cape Town, South Africa where his music was very popular. Sussex Records would say that he was a very talented musical artist, yet his music was not really going anywhere, nor making any money out of it. In South Africa his album “Cold Fact” was a hit, and it became an anti-establishment inspiration because of a political cause. His royalties were paid from the South African labels to the U.S labels companies but nothing was given to Rodriguez, so his money disappeared. That is when Rodriguez faded away, and was not seen or heard from since. Until the director Malik Bendejelloul and one of his fans name Stephen Segerman started picking up the trail and do this great hunt in searching for Rodriguez.
Rodriguez is this mysterious person that no one has ever heard of, nor knows who he was as a music artist, or what made him this pop icon in South Africa. In Detroit he was just this regular person who did hard and dirty jobs that had a family just like any other man would have, yet he was not...

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...s my point if people accomplished a goal and not been notice because of it the fact that you went for it and try hard to get to your goal can be successful, so if you failed or not been noticed do not feel bad because at least you took that risk instead of not doing anything. That is what successful truly means. Being successful does not necessarily mean to be rich or having fame, but that you took the risk and try hard to go for your goal. That is what the film is about Rodriguez was asked to work with producer to get his music recorded, and he saw the chance so he took it. When you see an opportunity do not let past you take it when you can because you never know when another might come by. Rodriguez did not hesitate when he saw his opportunity, so do not hesitate on yours. An accomplished goal does not have to recognize by others in order to be successful.

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