A Myers-Briggs Personality Test

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A Myers-Briggs Personality test was conducted in order to decipher which of the sixteen personalities I would best fit into thus creating a score of “ENFP”. I analyzed this outcome and the different types of descriptions that helped me fully understand Myers and Briggs theories. I was classified as an Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving. After being fitted into one of the sixteen categories, it was then separated even father into a two-letter category created by David Keirsey. He would classify the group as “NF’, known as the idealist. I found that ENFP are good at things that interest them because they are stimulated by their emotions creating a passion for the things they love. We do not always see things as what they as but as what…show more content…
I am not the type of person that reads too much into “personality test”. This test was like no other and it shifted my perspective. Jung’s Typology test results revealed my personality type to be an ENFP (Jung Typology Test, n.d.). This acronym stands for Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving. I began to read more into my personality type, the accuracy it had and showed what I thought to be almost a hundred percent true. The research detailed my strong characteristics in my personality. At this point I become overwhelmed with excitement and wanted to know more about my personality type.…show more content…
Feelers make decisions based on their value systems while thinkers make a decision based upon reasoning and logic (Personality Page, n.d.). I am a feeler and I tend to make hasty decisions based on the way I feel at a certain point in time. I am often sitting for periods of time thinking about what I just said or did. I believe stores connect with a feelers impulse buy. Feelers also have a tendency not to speak on how they feel due to being upset which I can agree with one hundred percent. On the Personality Page section called The Four Preferences description of a feeler, every single one describes my characteristics. I am employed with DOC at a women’s prison located an hour away from where I live. I had to pass a physical test to get an interview. I contemplated multiple times about quitting and pursuing other career dreams. As I said before, growing into adulthood I actually have to think things thoroughly and understand how it may benefit my future whether it is negative or positive. The two components working together can be very productive for the person using them. Well put
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