A Mother's Love

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“You’re a horrible parent, you know that? I wish I wasn’t your daughter.” I immediately regretted those words as they left my 16 year old mouth. I’ve never seen someone’s face go from angry as hell to terribly hurt so fast, she turned and walked away with tears in her eyes. I never meant to hurt her, she just got me so angry for not letting me go to Elizabeth’s party and now I felt terrible; I didn’t even attempt to apologize. I changed and went to the stupid party. “Hey! Looks like someone escaped from house arrest.” Greeted my best friend Amy, wearing a nirvana hoodie and some really short shorts with her hair in a perfect bun she looked beautiful as usual. I grinned at her and took the cup she was holding out to me. I didn’t bother telling her what actually happened because I knew she wouldn’t really understand, Amy's mom let her do whatever she damn well pleased; while my mom watched me like a hawk. “Brandon’s here. I think he only came so he could see you.” Amy giggled, I wanted to punch her but I was distracted by the gorgeous brown-haired, hazel eyed boy that was walking towards us. When I say Brandon Lopez is pure perfection I mean Brandon Lopez is PURE PERFECTON, he is so flawless with beautiful eyes and a killer jaw line; and for some odd reason he has shown interest in me. I’m pretty sure I almost hyperventilated when he asked if I wanted to go walk with him, thankfully I did not. We had walked pretty far and could hardly hear the music from the party which I was totally fine with, we talked for a long time and I was really enjoying his humor and oh my god his laugh was so lovely. I don’t even remember what we were talking about when he leaned in and kissed me and to be quite honest I didn’t really care, it was just ... ... middle of paper ... ...atter how many things you say to me, you will always be my daughter and I will always love you. Do you understand? Sometimes we say things we don’t mean and we hurt the people we love even if we mean to. It’s our job to realize our mistakes and let the person know that you love them and that you are truly sorry.” “I do love you and I really am sorry mom.” She smiled through tears, leaned over and gave me a hug reassuring me that she forgave me and that she loved me too. That night I realized that a mother’s love is eternal; she’ll always be there to love and support me through everything. Throughout the years we’ve had our fallouts and I’ve said some regrettable things but she never gave up on me and I will always remember and love her for that. I hope that when I grow up and have children, that I will be the mother that she is because she is a pretty special one.
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