A Modest Proposal By Johnathan Swift

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Johnathan Swifts "A modest Proposal" is comical in the aspect that he attempts to persuade the audience that his irrational proposal is better than what's currently established. His satirical language can be inappropriate out of context to what he is trying to exemplify. In his "A modest proposal," Swift addresses Ireland's dilemma of not being able to pay rent to English Lords, by imploring that people should consume children as an alternative system to what the English government offers. He suggests that this decision would benefit both Ireland and England. His proposal highlights the atrocities the people of Ireland face in the wake of England's negligence. Because England finds the impoverished people of Ireland to be redundant, then they wouldn't value the juvenile population any higher. Swift is conscious that he would face heavy resentment. By revealing the stark contrast of emotion against children and the Irish, Swifts proposal can help validate the reason that most people don't care about the Irish. The fact that people care more about a proposal, that was constructed to be ridiculed, more than people dying of famine and disease, is more disgusting that the proposal itself. Swift appeals …show more content…

In paragraph 29 of "A modest proposal," the italicization of this section establishes the sincerity behind his proposal. Most of the language seems to be ironic, satirical, and ridiculed, before it transitions into the italicizations. Swift had previously suggested that they need to supply more finances for their own country rather than export the wealth thats left of another country. They could do this by enhancing the skills of shopkeepers, but shopkeepers might cheat the price of what they offer. Despite this contradiction, Swift still appeals to Ethos by suggesting ethical and logical decisions that aren't categorized as being satirical with the rest of the

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  • Analyzes how johnathan swift's "a modest proposal" is comical in the aspect that he attempts to persuade the audience that his irrational proposal is better than what is currently established.
  • Analyzes how swift's proposal validates the fact that most people don't care about the irish. swift appeals to pathos as a way of making people reflect on how their heedless decisions have impacted ireland.
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