A Modest Proposal

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In the essay, A Modest Proposal, the speaker is Jonathan Swift. Swift is most known for his satirist writing style which is also evident in his novel called Gulliver's Travels. Swift was an intelligent Oxford graduate student who published his famous piece, A Modest Proposal, in 1729. In this piece he addresses the issue of poverty in Ireland by proposing a humorous solution. The purpose of his text is to shock his audience by his over the top solution to end poverty. Swift adopts a persuasive tone in his proposal to convey his readers that his solution would be beneficial. In A Modest Proposal, Jonathan Swift addresses the issue of poverty in Ireland. He describes the melancholy sight of beggars of the female sex with children who are populating the streets. Swift also explains how the mothers are forced to spend all of their time begging for sustenance to provide for their infants. In context, poverty in Ireland is creating an unsafe society filled with thieves and Swift believes drastic changes must be made to fix the community. Oxford graduate, Jonathan Swift is making a satirist argument. In his argument, biases are evident because his solution to ending poverty is proposed in a satirical manner that can't actually be acted upon. His targeted audience in his article is directed towards the people in Ireland who are negatively affected by poverty. The main thesis in A Modest Proposal is that poor children should be taken from their mothers to be butchered and used for their resources such as food. Swift presents a serious argument for his readers that are meant to be taken sarcastically. His purpose is to address a serious issue that needs to be mended; however, he proposes a comical solution for his readers to enjoy. He st... ... middle of paper ... ...lic as to have his statue set up for a preserver of the nation." At the end of A Modest Proposal, Swift does not acknowledge other opposing claims or evidence. However, he does acknowledge that his proposal is not an actual solution. Although he debriefs his readers, he fails to propose real possible solutions to the issue. I think Swift purposely left a refute in his piece because it was never his intention to solve the problem. Rather, I believe his purpose in A Modest Proposal was to inform the readers of the issues in Ireland and hopefully inspire the people to address them. I don't dislike Swift's argument because I viewed it as a satirical piece. However, I thought it would have been beneficial for him to present real solutions. Overall, I believe Jonathon Swift presented a clever way of addressing the issues of poverty and crime in Ireland to his readers.

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