A Modest Proposal

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Well known and famous author, Jonathan Swift, in his persuasive essay, A Modest Proposal, convincing people that there needs to be a new way to help out the population problem while helping out the hunger problem as well. Swift’s purpose of this essay is to show people another way to make the population go down but really he’s trying to grab their attention then inform them of his real idea. He adopts an aggressive tone in order to convey his audience which is the people of Ireland.
The issue that is at hand in his persuasive essay is that Ireland is over populated and they need to think of a way to deal with this said problem. They need to deal with this problem over else the population will keep going up and they will run out of food for people even faster. The context of this issue is that they are living in a place where there are not enough food, water, and clothes for everyone so they have children starving and tons of people are begging for anything to get them through the day. Johnathon Swift is making the argument that we should slay and eat all children under the age of 1 because we have way too many of them anyways. He’s an educated writer and well known author and a father of children. There might be some biased because he doesn’t have a child under the age of one so maybe he doesn’t want to have to kill his own child. The target audience is the people of Ireland because they are all living in the struggle along with himself. The main point is the Ireland is over populated and people are poor, hungry and in poverty. The argument is structured in a way that he catches the reader’s attention then at the very end he says that everything he said he doesn’t actually want any of that stuff to happen and that there needs to b...

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... the population is to sell all the children under the age of one and then people could use the money they make from that and buy food. It doesn’t refute opposing claims because there isn’t any opposing claims brought up in the piece he only talks about his plan and his plan only.
His argument is weak overall, but that is because it is meant to be weak because he has a whole other meaning behind what he is saying. The strength in his arguments was that he got the reader’s attention like he wanted then at the end told them how he really felt about the whole issue. What he was really good at was getting his readers attention because if he didn’t grab their attention then the whole point of the essay would be pointless. He could have been less descriptive in the parts where he talked about cooking children but other than that he did a pretty swell job at what he did.
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