A Model Minority Race

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Racism, prejudice, and discrimination are the most vital and persistent social problem in the history of America. Ethnic cleansing, the idea of racial hegemony, hatred towards one group of people, or retraction of equal biased on laws that were created and not seen as fair for all people. The underlying issue that is constant through all instances, one group of people, the group with power, is threatened by the perceived loss of power in social realms, as well as economic and political. Those in power want to be able to retain privilege by restructuring and causing a disadvantage socially, economically, and politically to people who are seem inferior. Such actions and efforts call for an understanding of the basic concepts of prejudice…show more content…
The reasons why the idea of a model minority is false, is because no one lives up to a stereotype 100 percent of the time. Asians Americans might have had some but not all of the traits that were expected of them as Asian Americans. The model minority myth is an idea that Asian Americans would have been able to achieve universal and unparalleled academic and occupational success as a people. The model minority myth is a problematic structure and idea of Asian Americans as group of people. It not only separates them, but it also renders that false invincibility carried out in public policy, politics, health and education that were perpetuated by Whites, or those in power. For these reasons, members of the Asian American community often engage in ongoing efforts to bring consciousness to the struggles of underrepresented and the exploration of those who were apart of the Asian American group. This myth also creates a false perception of racial hegemony, in the sense that Asian Americans were the perfect ethnic group to follow, but they were not given the power that was reserved for white people, or those in power. The idea of Model Minority also creates the idea that all Asian American no matter what they identify as, Japanese, Chinese, etc. are all equal as one, which often was not the
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