A Microeconomic Impact Of The Hospitality Industry In The Hotel Industry

The facilities at an establishment are the first and foremost way for a prospective customer to form a sizeable impression of the hotel/resort service. It is very essential for the facilities to have aesthetic impact and provide an ample balance of need, comfort and luxury in order to cater to the large diaspora of customers.
Three major aspects in the field of hospitality and resort management have been addressed in this report. They are:
1. Building Maintenance
2. Electricity Supply
3. Water Supply

1. Building Maintenance:
The impact of gasoline price fluctuations on lodging demand for US brand hotels
Kate Walsh, Cathy A Enz, Linda Canina
Although the article aims at presenting a microeconomic picture of the dynamics of the hospitality industry in relation to one target variable, it provides a comprehensive picture of how the geo-political and socio-economic factors affect the performance of a hotel establishment. It must be kept in mind that this also has a significant bearing on maintenance and operation costs.
The study takes up examples of various US brand hotels, citing recent and past studies in understanding the behaviors of gas consumers, lodging consumers and their affinity towards services offered by hotels in relation to the income levels. A negative correlation has been predicted by the results of the study, between an increase in the prices of gasoline and consumption of hospitality services this year. In that aspect, the study is significant in the regard that it presents a picture of the energy needs and demographic settings which contribute to a lively order of business.
2. Building Maintenance:
Partial analysis of the environmental costs generated by hotels in Hong Kong
Wilco W Chan
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...h the growing demands for water, the tourism industry must adopt efficient water-management and waste-water treatment techniques; only then can the deficit be bridged.

8. Water Supply
Performance evaluation of on-site treatment facilities for wastewater from households, hotels and restaurants
Jun Nakajima, Yoko Fujimura, Yuhei Inamori

As has been mentioned earlier, the growing needs of water in the hotel and tourism industries make it a significant option for hospitality service providers to develop and adopt efficient techniques for treating waste water within the hotel establishment. Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) is a measure of dissolved organic matter in water, and by calculating the ratio of BOD to N (dissolved inorganic nitrogen), one can arrive at a suitable method for treating waste water, either by aeration or by nitrogen removal, as per requirement.
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