A Memorable Journey Into The Alzheimer's Life

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When I was six years old, used to live with at my grandparents home. I have beautiful memories living with them; the most are from my grandmother. She was funny, smart and witty perfect combination for a grandmother if you ask me. Although, it was like a perfect family dynamic everything changed after she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. I did not know how Alzheimer’s affected my grandmother or how her condition will worsen with the pass of the years. Alzheimer’s disease is called the called the double death, first there’s the cognitive demise and finally the physical one. My memorable journey into the Alzheimer’s world begins in my late twenties. I used to work as an activity director in a retirement home for senior citizens. I just…show more content…
We’ve always begin our day with our daily chair fitness exercises. Every time I did something with them, I have always put a big, wide and weird smile on me. Some of the residents would really appreciate that noble gesture, however, some of them would just tell me “what the hell are you always smiling about”, I laughed so hard every time I heard them say foul language, I knew they did not mean saying that ( I hope so). I did not quite grasp why they acted like that, or why they were cranky and sad all the time, until the charge nurse educate me and told me that they act like not because they want or they mean it, it is because they have Alzheimer’s prior their arrival at the facility. At that moment I got more curious about what Alzheimer’s was and what were the effects on people that have been diagnosed with this disease. Sadly, I found out what this infamous disease does to a person’s brain and his of her memories, literally, people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s feel losing their ability to remember who they are, where they are and what date are they living; it is a sense of defeat and there is nothing else they can do about it. What a terrible

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