A Man Of Attitude Analysis

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This play takes place in South Africa during apartheid era, and depicts how existing racism; bigotry or hatred can become absorbed by those who live under it. Hally, a white seventeen-year-old boy who also happens to be the protagonist of the play, spends most of his time at his family owned business with two black middle aged black servants, Sam and Willie. At the start of the play, Sam is characterized as being the worldlier of the two as Willie speaks in slang or broken English when in describing his dancing partner Hilda lacking enthusiasm. When Hally arrives from school, Sam is quickly placed on an equal intellectual as that of the boy, in contrast to Willie that quickly addresses Hally as "Master Harold." Sam and Hally’s conversations move from school life to a hard-hitting discussion on "A Man of Magnitude", to recollections of Hally as a child growing up. One of these flashbacks is Hally’s fondest memory of Sam, where he warmly remembers a simple afternoon the two shared, flying a kite made from scrap, enjoying each other’s company. Sadly do we realize the true nature of th...
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