A Major Reason For Culture Separation

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A major reason for culture separation is because of borders between countries. This is because “…a border creates barriers, too, and conflict between the adjoining cultures.” (pg.65 Lundy) The play Tecumseh by Charles Mair shows the negative aspects of attitude between the longest border sharing cultures, the Canadians, and the Americans. Along the southern border of the United States, Derek Lundy in Borderlands shows the negative affects the border creates on the cultures of Americans and Mexicans. The authors portray each of the separation between cultures differently but they both set a negative tone towards what the culture barrier does. Both Tecumseh and Borderlands show there are significant differences characteristically in North America, set by the division of cultures by an imaginative e or literal border. The Canadian culture side of the border in the play, Tecumseh, is shown considerably more positively than the American’s culture. In the scenes, the Canadians are in they speak very educated and trustful in themselves and their partners, the Aboriginals. They are seen as allies with the Aboriginals, having a positive bond with them throughout the whole play. To try to save their land against the Americans, they join together to try and stop them having a sense of national consciousness. For I believe in Britain’s Empire, and In Canada, its true and loyal son, Who yet shall rise to greatness, and shall stand At England’s shoulder helping her to guard True liberty throughout a faithless world. (IV.i.71-72) This quote shows the Canadian’s positive outlook on having the Aboriginals as allies. This helps the general stereotype of Canadians having equivalence and diversity between each other. They both live on the land and... ... middle of paper ... ...le in this area it is just simply a nuisance having to go through customs but for some, it means they are lower class than the Americans and get treated like criminals. The cultural separation that the border presented in this book is straightforwardly having a negative impact on the people around the border. Tecumseh and Borderlands both show that there are significant differences between nations in North America. Charles Mair in Tecumseh depicts that the American’s are less educated and power hungry than the Canadians. Canadians are the trustworthy and educated allies. Derek Lundy in Borderlands describes the border between Mexico and America as a barrier between cultures a hostile environment between the countries. These pieces of literature, Tecumseh, and Borderlands, show the cultural separation in North America that is due to the attitudes of each culture.

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