A Lucid Dream: The Island In The Dream World

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Lucid dreams are really mysterious, in them the dreamer can usually control to some degree what happens in the dream world and how it happens. I have been having lucid dreams since I was 6 years old, at least that is when I became aware of it. However there is this recurrent dream I always have, maybe three or four times a month. In it there is a huge island in the sky, the island is filled with exotic plants never seen before, the musky and wild smell in the air gives a sense of an alien land, like it is not planet Earth, odd figures soar through the sky, serpentine in form, some with an Jurassic silhouette, however there is no dread of danger, on the contrary the calmness felt in this place is overwhelmingly strange, like it is truly the place I…show more content…
Walking deep into the center of the island there is a mountain, its peak rising high above the clouds, and it is only when you step into the mountain to climb it that the sky turns a beautiful purple like color, with shooting stars flying by so close looking like they can be safely touched. Although the trip to the top looks a difficult endeavor to make, it is surprisingly easy, feet feeling like feathers in the air with every step. Once the peak is reached a menacingly looking blizzard starts to pour down, the wind roaring loudly in the ears. At the moment the sound becomes too much to handle a cave suddenly appears on the rocky wall of the mountain. Deep inside it, the temperature rises steadily, rather exponentially, until it becomes suffocating. Then as sudden as it raised the temperature starts to increase and decrease dramatically, numbing the five senses, overwhelming the brain with a

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