A Look at Database Processing Applications

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Database Processing Applications Computers are one of the most important things of everyday life. However, for most of us do not realize that the thing inside of that computer that makes the computer what it is. The thing that helps us communicate and create with a computer is the applications in which we install on the computer that give the computer its personal. One application is the one that companies use to store; share data on a database system, in order to be successful called a database processing application. Database processing applications can be defined by their history, environment as well as web processing application. In order to understand database processing application, first we must look at the history of database processing and how it evolved in the technology world. Originally database processing was used in major corporations and large organizations as the basis of large transaction-processing systems. These systems where called file-processing. However, as the larger corporations were processing a phenomenal amount of data in the file-processing system, the data was becoming impossible to manage. Therefore, in 1960, the first applications of databases created were to resolve the problems with the file processing systems. Likewise, the new system was also a problem because of the development difficulties. However, management continued to push in order to have a more effective way to relate data from one file system to another easier (Kean University, 2013). At first the limitations of file processing prevented the ease of integration of data. Larger companies began to develop organizational data databases that focused more on operational data in departments such as accounting to manage orders, inventory, an... ... middle of paper ... ... database processing and other processing applications come around as databases continue to grow. One of the evolutions that are happening now is the infusions of database storage with the decision support system. A database can make a connection or determine relationships on its own with minimal human intervention (Databases: Past, Present, and Future, 2013). Works Cited Databases: Past, Present, and Future. (2013). Paragon Corporation, http://www.paragoncorporation.com/ArticleDetail.aspx?ArticleID=20. Kean University. (2013). The History of Database, http://www.kean.edu/~rmelworm/3040-00/LuoDatabaseTimeLine.html. David M. Kroenke, D. J. (2013). Database Processing Applications. In D. J. David M. Kroenke, Database Concepts (pp. 357 - 400). New Jersey: Pearson. Yi Li, K. (2013). Performance Issues of a Web Database. http://bscorpio.tripod.com/my/dexa163.pdf.
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