A Look Into The Impact Walmart May Have on a Town Financially

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In this research proposal Walmart is the focus. After reviewing many studies on Walmart and the impacts it may have on a local economy in this proposal an observation study is suggest looking at the impacts Walmart has on five Walmart’s in Florida. After analyzing the studies about Walmart it can be established that Whatever the relationships between Walmart and whatever town their store are located in Walmart there could be a relationship that has negative and positive effects on a local economy. “Median household income declined by 1.8% nationally and 4.1% in New York City in 2009. This decline will be exacerbated by low paying Wal-Mart jobs” (Tom Angotti, 2010). Walmart has become one of the biggest controversies in the last decade and to narrow the research Walmart is the big key target. In Bay County where local businesses development is crucial there are five Walmart stores in the community. A 2009 study by the Center for Research & Urban Learning at Loyola University surveyed a four-mile radius before and after the opening of Chicago’s first Wal-Mart in September 2006. The survey found that Wal-Mart’s entry led to local business failures, no measurable increase in retail employment or sales in the immediate area of the new store, and a noticeable drop in jobs and sales in surrounding areas. To be more precise, 25% of retail businesses within a mile of the Wal-Mart Closed within a year. (Tom Angotti, 2010). Some study also suggests that Walmart does not hurt and may even help a local economy. “We find that there is little evidence of widespread loss of retail establishments. Instead, we find that the possibility that growth in the size or the displacement of small firms has occurred” (Michael Hicks). We need to do m...

... middle of paper ... The independent variable is introducing Walmart to the economy of towns. The dependent is the economy of the towns.

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