A Look Inside Austria

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Since I am interested in Austria, I decided to find out a little more about it. One of the first things I would like to find is some basic information about the country. Another thing I would like to find out is that has happened in Austria's history. Furthermore, it would also be interesting to learn about the country's leader. Information about the capital city is another thing that I want to discover about Austria. In addition, I would like to find out about popular attractions that are located in Austria. Finally, I want to learn about a famous person who was born in Austria. Those are some of the things I hope to learn from doing this project. The first thing I wanted to find out was some basic information about Austria. I found out that the land area is 31,942 sq. mi. the population for Austria is 8,214,734. The life expectancy in Austria is very low it is 79 years of age. The lowest of the birth rate is 8.96/1000 which it used to be higher in the past. Austria is over populated it is slightly smaller than Maine but has a higher population. Maine's population is 1,294,464, which is about 8 times smaller than Austria. Austria's region is mostly homes, buildings, and Alps which is 60%. 40% is rivers, forest, and woodland's. Austria has 5 large cities Vienna, Graz, Linz, Salzburg, and Innsbruck. Austria has a chancellor and a president. Vienna has 1,693,000 people unlike the other only have 300,000 and less. Austria climate is the same in fall and winter. The density per sq. mi is 275. The second thing I wanted to learn was what has happened in Austria's history. I discovered that the second century A.D. German tribes were trying to extend in to Austria's territory. By mid-500s the Bavarian’s took over the east part of Austr... ... middle of paper ... ..., I found out how Hitler died and why. I also benefited by learning about history for Austria I have learned much from this paper, and I know it will help me later on in my life. Works Cited “10 Top Tourist Attractions in Austria.” Touropia. 2014. 18 April 2014 . “Adolf-Hitler.” Biography. 2014. 9 April 2014 . “Austria.” Info Please. 2005. 21 April 2014 . “Early History.” Austria Arrive and Revive. 2014. 1 May 2014 . “Vienna.” Frommers. 2014. 21 April 2014 . “World Presidents Db.” World Presidents Db. 2014. 14 April 2014 .
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