A Look Back at the American Revolution

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In 1607, Jamestown was first established in the Americas. Colonists were taking their first steps toward independence. Even though their official independence from the King would be over a hundred years later, the colonists way of life would be changed drastically from the freedoms they had been granted by living separate from the main empire. The colonists began to rely more on the close knit communities where they for the first time would have a say in how the colony should be ran, the colonist also became more dependent on the other colonists and began to distance themselves from the British Empire. By the time the King’s interest in the colonies increased, the colonists were not willing to give up the liberties that they had been living with for over a hundred years. As the King George III continued to place unruly taxes on the colonist , increase his control over the colonies , the colonist felt like they had exhaust every option they had forcing them to go to war with England to win their independence. After the French and Indian War, the British had acquired a vast amount of debt. The British decided that the colonists should have to help pay off the debt since it was acquired through protecting them. For the first time the colonists would have to begin paying extra taxes to the empire. The first tax that got placed on the colonist was a sugar tax. In the New England colonies, colonists were unable to continue making and selling a vast amount of rum as they had previously. Since the British had increased the tax on sugar and decreased the price of molasses because of the tax the colonists economy began to come to a halt. Parliament also began sending ships to patrol the colonies waterways for smugglers. A few months la... ... middle of paper ... ...ing if the King was acting out of their best interest or whether the should stay apart of the empire at all. Through increase of taxes to the increase of the kings control over the colonies, the colonist began to create committies to voice their opinions and grievences towards Britian hoping the King would listen and repeal the new taxes. The Virgina house of Burgesse with Patrick Henry put together the Virgina resolves, through the Virgina Resolves the colonist expressed the concern with Britian on the rights that they felt they should have, they also felt like they should only be taxed by their on colonial assemblies. The Stamp Act Congress was put into place for the same reason colonies were beginning to join together to voice their opinion towards Britain. Samual Adams created the committee of correspondance to try any british offical for
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