A Look At Discrimination

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You are a professional burglar. You specialize in stealing small, valuable objects such as jewelry, coin and stamp collections, cash, etc. You have been casing a neighborhood and have narrowed your target down to two houses reputed to have large selections of the things that you like to steal. A retired Marine general who has a substantial collection of firearms and whose hobbies include hunting, skeet shooting, and target practice with various pistols owns the first house. A lawyer for the ACLU who is an active member of the James Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence owns the second house. If there is a high probability that the occupants of the two houses will be home during your break-in tonight, which house will you choose?

You are the principal of a large, suburban high school located in a predominately middle-class neighborhood. As part of the county board of education mandated Zero Tolerance Policy on weapons and drugs, you are conducting a surprise inspection of all lockers belonging to members of the senior class. In two lockers belonging to members of the golf team, you find sets of golf clubs. In five lockers belonging to members of the baseball team, you find aluminum baseball bats. In one locker belonging to the asthmatic student body president, you find a prescription inhaler. In three lockers belonging to members of the Home Ec Club, you find knitting needles. In one locker, you find a three-inch metal nail file, and in another, you find a small, flimsy plastic knife from a fast-food establishment. In almost every locker, you find sharpened No. 2 wooden pencils varying in length from four to six inches. Which students do you suspend for violating the Zero Tolerance Policy regarding weapons and drugs?...

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...reed, race, national origin, or religion. You remind the VP that she herself wrote the Code five years ago at the request of the CEO. She angrily explains to you that cultural diversity is “a greater need that rests on a higher plane, and circumvents myopic views of cultural indifference by harmonizing the world views of Western culture with enlightening insights.” You want to ask, “What in the hell does all that gobbledygook mean?” but instead you bite your tongue and explain that you have never discriminated, but have always hired the best applicants. She says that a Neanderthal like you needs to be sent away for a month of intensive diversity and sensitivity training, and then turns and stomps away with a scowl on her face. She then looks back over her shoulder and yells that you have not heard the last of this. To which applicant do you offer the job?
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