A Longer Life: Uncovering the Secrets of Ageing

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A fact of life

Ageing is a fact of life - we were born young to die old. But while some are lucky enough to live to one hundred or beyond, where does this place the rest of us? Indeed, we would agree that the lifespan of the "average" human is much less. What happens though if someone told you that you are able to extend the years that you are able to live? According to one scientist, this is soon going to be possible.

Robyn Williams travelled to the University of London to interview Matthew Piper, a Post Doctoral Fellow of the university about his research into the mechanisms of ageing; what factors effects an organism's lifespan; and what he uncovered in general so far about healthy ageing. Accordingly, his research has unearthed some remarkable facts about how to live a longer life, by means of uncovering "the secrets of ageing".

Experimenting with age

Dr. Piper's experiments involve manipulating environmental and genetic cues on flies model to see how this changes their lifespan. Easier said, what Dr. Piper is doing is exposing the flies to a variety of differrent conditi...
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