A Little Bit of My Life and the Trip I Am Planning to Take

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How are your restaurants coming along? I must admit that your chef’s food tasted quite amazing when I was there! I know we just talked a few months ago in person, but I felt that I should write to you regarding my life, this cruise, and other things rather than just business related topics. Did you know that I am currently going out with Natalie Portman? Of course you didn’t, this is what I mean, this is why I wrote this letter, because it contains many aspects of my past, current, and future life so I can talk to you as a friend.
Though I was born in the United States, I have some Irish blood in me. It may seem surprising but I do have a Grandmother who lives in Ballyjamesduff, Ireland, which is just a little ways off from Virginia, Ireland, which is where I currently live. I decided to move over to Ireland not only for family related reasons, but I also thought that it would be a grand place to start up my own chiropractic business. A few years ago I graduated from Brigham Young University Idaho and had enough money to move, so I did. My business, well, I call it Murray Chiropractic. I make a good living off of my income seeing how I own the only chiropractic business in Virginia.
Since I bet you are wondering if I still collect nutcrackers as a hobby or not, allow me to fill you in. I in fact still do, I have around literally fifty-six of them. They are really worth a fortune today! By the way, I am no way no how selling right now, so please lay off. Though I may seem weird about it, which should be nothing new, I have a sneaky suspicion that someone in our own class robbed me of around 834 nutcrackers! Who, I say Smith, Jesse Smith. In Mr. Gardner’s class he was always trying to act cool when all he was, was a ri...

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