A Lion in the CEO’s Chair

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The workforce place is an aggressive environment. It can be anywhere from five to hundreds of people applying for the same job, however only one gets the position. The jungle is also an aggressive place. There can only be one specie at the top of the food chain. Charles Darwin’s theory, Survival of the Fittest, can be applied to both the jungle and the workforce. While the workforce and the jungle are looked at as two completely, it is not absurd to say that they both share the same hierarchal food chain. The workforce can be split up into the same four different components that the jungle is broken up into. From bottom to top, the jungle’s hierarchy is broken up into producers, primary consumers, secondary consumers, and tertiary consumers. The producers of the jungle would be the plants, trees, and any other vegetation. The producer group is what makes the jungle a jungle just as the laborers and assistants in a workplace make the workplace. The producers also keep the jungle going by growing and spreading, and there to keep the primary consumers alive. The laborers and assistants are similar. They keep the primaries going buying producing and doing the dirty work. The primary consumers is the next level up from the producer level. Animals like rabbits, camels, and goats are on this level. They eat the producers and are mostly not a threat just as the servers and makers of the workforce are not to any other higher positions. They all run around with an “ignorance is bliss” attitude. They show up to do their job, nothing less, nothing more. Rabbits, along with the other primary consumers, do not call any shots in the jungle. A primary in the workforce does not have any followers, only resources. The producers only helps the prim... ... middle of paper ... ...sible than it is possible for most of the population, however it is completely impossible for a specie to rise to the top of the food chain. In the jungle, a producer will never become a secondary consumer. However in the workforce the CEO in the tertiary consumer level had to start somewhere below like a primary consumer and work his way up to the chair he is now in. The jungle and the workforce are not looked at as two similar environments. While they both have their own differences such as the level of loyalty and trustworthiness between one another in a sense, they also share a similarity for the same breakdown of the four level hierarchical food chain. When the jungle and the workforce are both looked at as a whole it easy to say that they completely different, but once broken down it greatly noticeable that they are more alike than people are lead to believe.

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