A Life Changer in the Mountains

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I am proud to be a snowboarder in my home state of Minnesota. Its special climate and terrain has forced us to look at the technical aspects of the sport and focus on that because we do not have the large mountains to go on long rides all day. As I look back on my snowboarding days back home, I see many stories that I will take with me for a lifetime. However, my most memorable moment in snowboarding happened in the mountains of Utah. Ever year my girlfriend’s family and I take a trip to Salt Lake City, Utah, and snowboard the surrounding ski resorts in the area. Our first year, by far, was the most memorable moment. This was the first time I actually snowboarded in the mountains in the west. So as we embarked on our snowboarding trip, our ignorance led us to do some stupid and crazy things when we were there.

The morning was cool and crisp, and the snow reflected the bright, shiny rays of the sun. The day was perfect for snowboarding in the mountains of Utah. The forecaster on the radio rambled on about how such a nice day it was going to be in the mountains. My girlfriend’s brothers, Sam and Scott, and I were excited, and we quickly packed our items that we thought we needed for the day. We got in the car and rushed up the windy road to the ski resort. We threw on our clothing, bought our tickets, and darted to the tram to the top of the mountain. Riding up that tram was so peaceful. The mountains were around us, and the snow was blowing off the tops of the peaks around us.

Everything was quiet but the rustling of the brisk wind. The smell of the crisp dry air permeated my nostrils. We knew today was going to be a great day before us.

Our morning rides were of such ecstasy. We had ankle deep powder, and ...

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...rder. When we found a patch of snow that wasn’t moving, we sent a praise to God for having his hand over us. We then turned around and watched the snow crumble down the hill and stop at the bottom. All of us were panting a sigh of relief. None of us could talk at that moment. We didn’t know what to say.

We then headed down to the chairlift another way. We got on the chairlift, and headed up the mountain to which we proceeded to the front side of the mountain. When we saw the chalet, we all felt relief. We ran into the chalet with all of us trying to tell our adventurous story to anybody that would listen.

That day we learned a great deal about the elements and terrain of the mountain of Utah. We knew that our Minnesota winters could not come close to preparing us for Utah mountain winters. This is a story that I will never forget as long as I love.
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