A Lesson in History

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As we take a close look at honesty in history, we are immediately faced with the fact that we do have a beginning, which is recorded and no amount of speculation or theory can take remove the fact that our knowledge of history is finite. We have what we call a fossil record to account for the history of animal and plant life. Therefore, we can call history the fossil record of man. History can be confirmed, authenticated and deemed acceptable when we find and/or present proof. Our proof is in the integrity of the authors. The early historians were making an honest attempt to leave a true record of events for the ones who would come after. Although bias occurred, for the most part, true and faithful recording of events was the goal of the writer. The greatest truthful account ever written is found in the original writings of the Hebrew Scriptures and the Christian testament.

Due to the convicting and powerful teachings of the Word of God, many men have tried to discredit the Bible as a complete and truthful book of facts. Historical writers are generally regarded as truthful and their works are useful to this day as guides for living. Leaders, teachers and military commanders have looked back at historical narratives to glean some understanding that could be helpful in the current day. Our hope is that history would teach us a lesson without having to go through the agony of the lesson firsthand. The fact that the beginning of history in all recorded accounts is limited to the same time frame is a starting point for believing in God of the Bible and yet many refuse to admit that the Bible is true.

Modern historians have put a lot of effort into trying to revise history. In attempting to apply scientific methods fo...

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... is doomed to a life of failure. Failure to reach his full potential, failure to understand the truth behind actions of his ancestors and failure to be the man that God created him to be. The goal of every person alive ought to be an honest, fair and factual presentation of history. It goes without saying that should the Christian man weaken in the battle against the evil forces, we will fail to do the work which God has called us to do. God is not glorified and honored when we fail to keep Him faithfully in sight as the reason for living. As history still shows, mankind has always looked for something or someone to idolize.

It is important to be honest about history because it can be an encouragement. When history is presented with all its flaws and mistakes, it is still valuable as a lesson in what not to do and that is just as important as what to do.
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