A Lesson Before Dying

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Grant Wiggins was introduced to the reader as an apathetic school teacher with few emotional ties to anything or anyone. He blazes through life without any thought. However, this changes as he begins to develop a genuine interest for Jefferson’s mental well-being. As Grant’s hardened heart begins to thaw in the presence of simple-minded Jefferson, I begin to resent him less. When Grant buys Jefferson a radio out of his own pocket-albeit with a few donations from other people- this clearly shows how far Wiggins come on his path towards finding meaning in his life. This is the man that yelled at his students for wasting precious chalk that came out of his own pocket. In my eyes, this puts Grant on the path to redemption. This seemingly simple gesture is a monumental step. It is the first major step on the road to emotional bonding for both Jefferson and Wiggins. At the beginning, this radio seemed insignificant. It was a nice gesture. However, this little contraption causes much change in the plot of the story. This tiny box gives Jefferson another reason to believe he is a man. My ...

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