A Lesson About Life in The Stolen Party

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A Lesson About Life in The Stolen Party

In Liliana Heker’s story, "The Stolen Party," the young child Rosaura is hurt because she is a victim of a class structure which keeps the rich on the top and people like her and her mother at the bottom of society. By the end of the story Rosaura will have learned a very important lesson in class structure which, because it is so traumatic for her, she will carry with her for the rest of her life.

The first evidence we see which supports the claim that this is a story of class structure comes when Rosaura’s mother says to her, "I don’t like you going, it’s a rich people’s party" (Heker 1133). This lets the reader know that the mother is aware of the ways of the world. She knows that she and Rosaura are the help in the eyes of Senora Ines, so naturally the mother knows that there is a good chance Rosaura will be treated as such. Unfortunately, the mother was right. At the sane time the reader is also shown that Rosaura has not learned about discrimination in our society. This is proven when Rosaura says, "Rich people go to heaven too" (Heker 1133). It is too bad that this innocent child, or for that matter any child, must learn the painful truth of upper class/lower class relations at such a young age. In actuality, no one should ever learn this lesson, it is a flaw in our culture that we put people into classes at all.

Next, the fact that Rosaura thinks she will be just another guest at Luciana’s party proves again that she is unaware of class structure. Rosaura’s mother tells her that Luciana is not her friend, and that in her eyes Rosaura is just the maid’s daughter. At first this may seem harsh, but as Kevin Elliott says in his essay "The Stolen Future," the mother kn...

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...ura because at this time she realizes she had been the help at the party. Unfortunately, Rosaura was not prepared for what she was taught that day. By the time we reach the end of the story it is evident that the child, Rosaura, has learned a painful lesson in class structure which she will take with her throughout the rest of her life.

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