A Leap of Faith

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A Leap of Faith Northern Ireland has been rocked by the “The Troubles” since the 1960’s. Ongoing atrocities such as bombings and killings have affected the lives of most Protestant and Catholic families. Now all they pray for and want is peace. They want an end to the violence and a chance to live in peace with those from the “other” community. For some parents in Northern Ireland, education seems to be a hope for a peaceful life. Education is responsible for molding the views of children therefore parents in Northern Ireland have come up with the notion of integrated schools. In these schools students are taught about other cultures, able to interact with people from different cultures, build an understanding of each other, and given the opportunity to discuss what is going on around them Northern Ireland has been in conflict for the past twenty-five years. The bitterness between the Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland has resulted in this long conflict which is known as the Irish “Troubles”. The name fits the time, for bombing killing and out right bitterness between the two religious classes is self-evident through out Northern Ireland. The Troubles began in the 1960s as an attempt at peaceful reform from Catholic grievances. It was intended to be a peaceful reformation but Unionist saw it as an attempt to cause chaos in Northern Ireland. They in turn reacted violently. During the following years tensions arose between the Loyalists and Unionists. Protestant and Catholic families who once lived in side by side were forced out of their neighborhoods by sectarian violence. Many homes were burned down in order segregate the once mixed neighborhoods. Most moved to segregated areas, where only P... ... middle of paper ... ...but it has proved to be a victory. Towards the end of the Cranmore year, more were applying for the school, or transferring their children out of Protestant or Catholic schools in order to enroll them in Cranmore. Their enrollment has become so high, that they are now attempting to find another building to support the influx of new students. During the times of the “The Troubles” little hope is better than none. With all the sectarian violence enveloping these communities such as Belfast, a little hope can mean a lot. The parents of Cranmore realize this and continue to do everything they can to provide their children as well as their community with this hope. In supporting an integrated school parents have attempt to eliminate the bitterness between the Catholics and Protestants which was kindled in the beginning of the 1960s with the start of “The Troubles.”
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