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A LIFETIME COMMITMENT TO PHYSICAL FITNESS A lifetime commitment to physical fitness can no longer be considered a luxury. It is indeed a necessity. What could be worse than the sight of a physically bankrupt forty-year-old executive recovering from his first major heart attack? With the aid of modern technology and a little hard work, a motivated person can become physically fit and avoid this catastrophe. I firmly believe in the lifetime commitment to physical fitness, and practice it as well. Fitness will not only help you physically, but mentally and financially as well. Most Americans abide by what can be referred to as the law of beauty. If it looks good, it must be good. We need to erase this from our minds when dealing with physical fitness. More often than not, the people who get quick results for beauty are the ones who cut corners. Cutting corners can be very dangerous from a physical standpoint, and is not what the commitment to physical fitness is about. To name a few guilty parties, steroid abusers, anorexics, and bulemics are tops on the list. Although steroids provide big muscles quickly, and anorexia and bulimia provide a thin waist promptly, usually the party involved doesn't realize what's at stake. The long-term effects of theses habits are more severe than a body abuser may have ever imagined. Steroids may cause cancer, elephantitis, and internal organ damage. Side effects of anorexia and bulimia include loss of skin and tooth color, and internal organ damage as well. These paths are taken by those who cut corners and are surely not concerned with a lifetime commitment to anything. The commitment involves a combination of things, that done properly can greatly increase your health. Most importantly, you need to establish a proper diet for yourself. Sadly, most people do everything right but neglect their body nutritionally. The proper diet establishes a strong base for training. Next, you need to set up a workout routine that will combine cardiovascular training with strength and conditioning exercises. Most people avoid this because they feel they will have to put in three hours every day in a hot gym for the rest of their lives. In actuality, a program that provides these types of exercises will only take about 45 minutes every other day. Lastly, you need to motivate yourself to do this. If the sight of you recovering from a heart attack at 40 (because you were lazy) doesn't motivate you, then you're obviously content with where you are and needn't bother reading further.


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