A Kingdom In Waiting

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The thunder shook the land like the footsteps of the giant Mitocas. The water crashed against the jagged cliffs of Lithany. Lithany was the greatest city in the land, the lush gardens smelled of juniper and lilacs, the white buildings flowed throughout the city. This was indeed the grandest city of Malik. The ruler of Lithany, Romero the Pharaoh, became distressed when the giant Mitocas decided to block the flow of the Fandi River. The Fandi’s were simple water farmers whom collected vital goods from the river and controlled the water animal’s population, so without the river they’re doomed. Romero the Pharaoh unsure of a solution called upon Virous a young man filled with courage to test into manhood by saving the Fandi clan. “Romero the Pharaoh, I came to prove myself, and to earn my manhood,” said young Virous. “I am pleased with your courage young Virous. This task I ask of you is not a simple task, many have tried and failed already, do you still live up to the challenge?” asked Romero the Pharaoh with a grim look across her face. “Yes!” shouted young Virous. “I am up to your challenge and I will not fail like the others, your river will be restored.” With a pleased looked on Romero the Pharaohs face, and a flip of the wrist young Virous was off for the Fandi’s River.
After riding two days across the lands of Lithany young Virous arrived at the base of the village. To his surprise the village looked as if the serpent from the North Mountains had whipped its long, slimy, cold body throughout the village destroying everything but a small structure at the far end of the village. Virous hopped off his horse and opened the small door to the structure. Within was the entire Fandi Clan, from the chief to the children of the clan. After Virous introduced himself and showed the chief his scroll from the Pharaoh, the Fandi clan told Virous where to find the giant. Due to their fear of Mitocas the Fandi’s remained in the tiny hut. Virous then traveled alone to the Fandi River where he met Mitocas, the largest and most bitter of all giants. “Why are you hurting the Fandi’s and taking over their river?” asked young Virous. “It’s rather simple, they denied me of my request,” said the giant Mitocas. “And what was your request,” asked young Virous.
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