A Jury Of Her Peers Compare And Contrast

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The film A Jury of her Peers, is similar to the play, Trifles because it highlights similar points that are referenced in the text and is clear it was used as a basis for the foundation of the film. The names of Mr. and Mrs. Wright are changed to Mr. and Mrs. Burke. The use of facts to outline the climax, are the same as used in the play. Such as the building of suspense of the discovering of the bird and its strangulation and whether Mrs. Burke or Mr. Burke is to place blame. However, as an adaptation, opinions are added into the original framework of the play to add a touch of personalization. The film interprets the drama as a murder mystery, as the attorney and the sheriff search the household to find evidence to place blame on Mrs. Burke. A jury of her Peers, works to portray the emotions of Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale, as they discover items that would, (if found by the men) possibly prove her guilty (Bourne, 2013).…show more content…
While, there is a larger problem at hand, with the death of Mr. Wright, which may have been the result of Mrs. Wright’s actions. The play and the film are similar in the fact that they both present women as un-clear minded and concerned with their trifles (Bourne, 2013). The major elements in the film in the play show the bird cage which presents her imprisonment, the jar of cherries breaking from coldness shows her breaking free from the chains of her imprisonment. Towards the end of both the play and the film, the use of “knot” re-emphasizes the rope and strangulation and its presence in the story
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