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A.I. the Movie - Complex and Rich The pastime of viewing films has enraptured me for all of my memorable life. No director has provoked my attention and incisively touched me at the most extreme and deep levels as Stanley Kubrick. To call Kubrick my favorite filmmaker would be an understatement. In 1994 Stanley Kubrick called up his longtime friend Steven Spielberg and asked him to come over to his home, just outside London, as he had something important to discuss with him. Spielberg flew out that night. The following day Kubrick told Spielberg he wanted him to direct A.I. as a Stanley Kubrick Production with Kubrick producing. Kubrick provided Spielberg with the reasoning that the film would be better suited to his directing style and his computer special effects fluency (Stanley Kubrick: LIP). As Kubrick had been working on A.I. since the 1980s he had difficulties in several areas with the project. He never found a writer to his satisfaction that he could collaborate with and form a screenplay. Kubrick also could not solve certain issues with the film such as the portrayal of Gigolo Joe and other core elements of the story (Daly, Harlan). Additionally Kubrick was not satisfied with the state of technology and computer graphics and he knew that if he waited just a few years, making a much better film would be possible. A.I. remained a work in progress and Spielberg went on to other endeavors as he "opted not to" direct A.I. a few months later (Daly 28). Nevertheless Kubrick still consulted with Spielberg on A.I. and shelved it for a bit so he could make the interim film, Eyes Wide Shut. Kubrick died shortly thereafter. A.I. was passed down in a sense, and Spielberg picked it back up and attempted to do in two years what Kubrick was struggling to do for a good decade and a half. There is a lot to like about the finished product of A.I. I choose to not be bothered by the parts of the film that I feel are 'glossy'. I found watching it to be a captivating experience. Let no mistake be made, A.I. is a Steven Spielberg film. Sure, Spielberg utilized the numerous conversations he had with Kubrick as well as "Kubrick's copious but scattershot preparatory outlines, notes, and drawings" but I can only imagine what A.I. would have been had Kubrick made the picture (Daly 30).

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