A Hole in the Immigration Ship

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After spending several hours or days on a plane an immigrant does not want to wait years or even day to know if they will get their green cards; but in America it is what immigrants expect. America, the land of opportunity has made it nearly impossible to enter to country because of country caps and the lottery. Neither of these methods provides the best way to find immigrants who would enter the country. Instead of using the lottery system, immigrants with degrees in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields should be able to receive an expedited green card because they help boost the economy. Overall the American immigration system hurts the economy because the country is not bringing is highly skilled workers; instead they are bringing in under skilled and high-risk immigrants. The only way that the economy can be boosted is if American politicians put their party lines behind them and pass proper immigration bill. Congress has been dragging their feet for the last twenty years because parties are afraid of losing control. Congressional bills aimed at reforming immigration could cut the waiting time for immigrants who are waiting for their green cards. The reform bills such as those recommended by the Jordan Commission would have significantly reduced the wait time for receiving a green card but political lines caused the bill to fail. Immigration problems lye with congress and the lack of reform hurts the economy. In the twenty-first century, America is still using a twentieth century immigration policy that hurts the economy and desperately needs to be reformed.
America is the country of immigrants places too many restriction on immigration which has caused too many problems in America. Immigrants built...

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...nal language. This Clinton-era executive order needs to be eliminated for the immigration system to run smoother because the system will no longer have to have interpreters and incorrect interpretations. Interpreters and incorrect interpretations are major problems in the immigration system because they both can cost the country millions of dollars. Miss interpretations could allow an immigrant to enter the country because the immigrations system though that he/she had a family or degree that he/she does not. By eliminating the executive order that requires the government to provide documents in different languages would stream line immigration and reduce the risk of admitting an immigrant who should not be in the country. By reforming the immigration system, major problems, such as wait times or illegal immigration, which occur on a daily bases would be eliminated.
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