A History of AIDS and the Foundation that is Promoting Abstinence from AIDS in New Jersey

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In this wonderful world that we subsist in it has its fluctuating limits where in life an individual can have successes and fame to being unsuccessful. Life is precious, the way one can conserve it and their health is performing certain procedures that help maintain and sustain the human body. In addition, there are different elements that occur to impair a person’s health like physical and mental disorders, bacterial infections, and viral infections. These illnesses can cause minor to major fragments in a person’s life. A key virus that dumbfounds scientist and doctors till this day is the word “HIV”.

This virus attacks the immune system, which is the body’s major component of defense against infections and disease. The reason why mankind has not found a vaccination and a solution to curing this infection is because it uses healthy white blood cells to replicate itself. Consequently, once this occurs its leaves the human body’s major line of defense incompetent, leaving it more susceptible to illness. As time prolongs a person that is diagnosed with HIV, once the immune system hits the stage where it becomes so weak that it is no longer able to fight off illnesses it becomes Aids (Acquired Immune deficiency syndrome).

Promoting abstinence to control Aids in New Jersey is the first foundation that as a society Americans can do to prevail against this unstoppable virus. Clearly, if other states and countries acknowledge are efforts, this will evoke motivation to other struggling countries and states. In addition, once this occurs this will illuminate the eyes of the government giving those desires to create funded programs to help aid patients that are struggling against this harmful virus, moreover have prevention workshops to...

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...programs and sponsorships to aid the community and the citizens that are HIV positive or have AIDS. The American Psychological Association which is funded by the center for disease control. The foundation was created to establish a network of science volunteers to assist with HIV prevention efforts in their communities. The network consist of psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, public health experts, social workers, and others in organization to offer free and giving technical assistance to community-based organizations, health departments, and HIV-prevention communities. There are different forms of charities and organizations such as avert. This is an international HIV and Aids charity that invest their time in studying and educating people about HIV/AIDS across the world. This website allows people to donate money towards fighting the HIV/AIDS movement.

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