A Hero Is A Hero In The Past?

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Every culture has its traditions, norms and values, which differentiate between correct and incorrect, accepted and unacceptable , and wrong and right. At the same time, people of every culture have their own values and beliefs that could be different or strange to people of other cultures . A myth is a sacred story which is discussing beliefs in God and religion and heroes. According to Joseph Campbell, a hero is a person who has done or achieved something beyond the normal experience. He said in his interview with Bill Moyers that there are two types of heroes : the physical hero who contributed in a war act or physical act or saving a life and sacrificing himself and a spiritual hero who learns to find an atmosphere of experiencing and come back to communicate it to others. The heroes in the past and nowadays are similar but there are minor differences in Egypt . In the past , the hero was a physical being. Nowadays , a hero is a person who achieved something beyond the norms in a mental, intellectual or non-physical way . In Egypt there are a lot of heroes . A hero in Egypt is a person who goes through many steps and succeeds in the end. Our heroes may sacrifice for the better of the majority or for their own goals and their families .

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In Egypt , a hero may be defined as one who sacrifices his life for the majority. These heroes go through many steps and after succeeding in these steps and achieving their goals they become heroes. There is one person ,who became a very well known and most effective person in 2011, is considered from some...

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...stress for the students because it sets their fate . If students get low grades in sannawya amma they will be enrolled in university which are not qualified. Therefore, students after going through all these steps ,overcoming the stress and getting high grades they considered to be heroes .
There are two kinds of heroes in Egypt . There are heroes in terms of sacrifice for the majority like Wael Ghoneim who took the risk of being arrested in order to achieve most of the Egyptians’ dream which is to revolt against the people in power. There are other heroes who are
Hana 4 working for themselves and their families like students going through sannawya amma system. Every person can be a hero from his birth.
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