A Hero Essay: The Characteristics Of A Hero

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A hero in my opinion is someone who has the courage to go out of their way to help others in order to keep everyone else safe. A hero is someone who is not afraid to risk his or her own life. To some the qualities of a hero are someone who is brave and honorable but to me it is also about someone who is willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of others. Frodo upholds these qualities when he faced with making the decision of being the keeper of the One Ring. He did not ask for this duty of the ring but when his guardian Bilbo leaves him the ring, he feels as if it is his to take care of and dispose of since he is the one who discovered the ring that was left behind. Gandalf later explains to Frodo he must get rid of the ring because Sauron has knowledge that the ring is existent and that Frodo has it and is going to come after him. Frodo leaves the Shire on a quest to dispose the One Ring. After barley beating death Frodo is taken to Rivendale and is saved by Elrond. Frodo heals and is sent to a council meeting where everyone discusses what should be done about the one ring....
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