A Hero As A Hero In The Soul Surfer

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Whereas in the Soul Surfer, Bethany was already a hero in her town, as she was the greatest surfer. However she was an even bigger hero after her incident, because she was not only a hero for the surfing community by proofing to them that because surfing really is her passion no obstacle will stop her from getting back to what she loves to do even if it is only with one arm, but also the group of people that did not believe in themselves anymore after something horrible happened in there life, this was shown by all the worldwide fan mail she received with people expressing their appreciation, as they once again had hope in their lives. The loyal retailer in Soul Surfer is Alana Blanchard, a character similar to Bethany regarding to the way they both grew up in a surfing society, as well as the want of achieving a professional career in surfing, was present during the shark attack. In Soul Surfer Alana is seen as the loyal retainer as she was there for Bethany every step of the way, helping her return back into the ocean with comfort, guidance and not turning her back on her at any time. This has clearly been shown several times in the book, such as when Alana got herself disqualified due to the fact that she interfered Malina Birch run on the wave just because she thought it was rude that Malina did not give Bethany the chance to catch that wave. Although, at first Bethany did not appreciate that Alana did that for her, she afterward realised that Alana was only having her back and caring about her feelings. Siblings are normally the most common loyal retailers as you are related by blood; therefore you rely on your sister or brother to protect from any harm that can be done towards you. Salim, Jamal’s older brother, is a very imp... ... middle of paper ... ... they both claim to be a sense of achievement and relief. There is success down the road for the both of them. However, Jamal had no intention of inspiring people from the slums to see a brighter future for themselves that was done purely by them. There are many different types of archetypes used in the novel Soul Surfer and film Slum Dog Millionaire that share varieties of similarities and differences. Such as ‘the hero’ which shows both Bethany and Jamal’s journey to success, defeating the obstacles in their way. Which makes them significant because sometimes you just need a role model in your life and that is what both hero’s are towards others. Overall, after analyzing the types of archetypes and comparing both the book and film, it made it clear that they shared the power of their will to accomplish their dreams. How far would you strive to reach your dreams?
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