A Health Care Provider And Caring For The Needs Of Different Cultural Practices

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Greece Analytical Paper Being a health care provider and caring to the needs of different cultural practices could be challenging for anyone, no matter how professional someone is. The diversity and changing demographics challenges health care providers and companies. With all the challenges that they may face, they need to realize that they must know about a culture’s values, beliefs, practices, customs, and habits of all different types of origins. In Greece, the health care system is so different than what a U.S health care provider is used to dealing with. With cultural awareness and competence, we can dig deep and find a way to treat anyone. Traditional Health Practices Greek medicine is traditionally a very indigenous holistic healing system. It goes back to Hippocrates in the 4th century and is known as the original source and inspiration for many of the natural healing practices to date. This could cause conflict and difficulties as a health care provider in the United States. With many similarities to Chinese medicine, the main goal is to harmonize the health of the individual to the Universe. The modern western medicine threatens this belief and practice. It has increasingly distanced us from nature with all of the technology that is technically dehumanizing us. The main difference and point that would cause immense conflict would be the interpretation of illness and disease. While in western culture and modern medicine, we feel that illness is a scientific and biologically supported claim, traditional Greek medicine feels that illness can be explained in spiritual terms. For example, what we call a seizure, they thought of them as a result of angering the gods. If the immigrant of Greece were to have some sort of illne... ... middle of paper ... ...tes are high context cultures, meaning we speak direct and straight forward. This would create a similarity and smooth transition, however the Greeks are much higher than most in context culture. The world average is about a 55 on the index scale, Greece is at 60. Communication is so different all around the world both verbally and non-verbally. It is the basis to any relationship, so before all else, I would make sure this is the aspect to study and to be most culturally adapted to. Adjusting to a new country may take time and patience, but it is vital. If I am going to work with a Greek immigrant and try my best to help them, I need to put myself in the best possible position. I need to be aware of their traditional practices, their food habits, and their communication styles. Contrasts are unavoidable, but learning ways to deal with them will help out everyone.

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