A Handful Of Date And The Plane Reservation By Tayeb Salih

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Experience of growing up is difficult, although most of the people in their lives wait for the moment they grow up. However, the thing they expect or see is not always as they seem. At some moments, the people might take wrong decisions in their life. However this helps them take lessons from life even if one day they might regret what they did. This came to me up with a point why I should compare between the two stories’s ‘A Handful of Dates’ by Tayeb Salih and ‘The Plane Reservation’ by Massud Farzan. These two stories showed me some similarities and differences relating to the author attitude and the experience of growing up. The Story ‘A Handful of Date’ by Tayeb Salih shows how the young boy was able to find out the difference between being merciful and worthless person. At the beginning, the young boy had an image about his grandfather that he was a pure, religious, and merciful person. All he wanted is to grow up and become like his grandfather. However, he found out that the person who he thought was pure seemed to be a hypocrite person. Although what seemed to be good, the boy was taught how…show more content…
This helped the boy to wake up somehow growing up one step at least seeing the world from other side. However, in the other story, Morad saw himself not able to fit between his family. Although he was welcomed with love from his mother, he felt he was pushed from the other side from them as they wanted to see him more like a gentleman. In the mean while, Morad tried to make what his parents wanted to see him like, but as he could not fit even in his country he felt it was not his hometown. After making what his parents wanted and buying some things for them, he decided to make a plane reservation and return back to

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