A Guide to Florida Bass Fishing

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When it comes to bass fishing, few places match Florida. Florida bass fishing anglers enjoy some of the most pristine areas in the country for bass fishing thanks to the efforts of the Florida State Park Service and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. By enacting responsible licensing rules and size limits, the conservation services of The Sunshine State have made it possible for bass anglers to catch some of the nation's largest bass that have set records that are talked about throughout the bass fishing world. Because of the efforts of Florida's conservation services it has some of the best spots for bass fishing to be found anywhere in the world. Top Florida bass fishing spots range from the St. John's River in North Florida to Lake Okeechobee in South Florida. Regardless of which part of the state you are fishing in, you are sure to find that Florida offers some of the very bass fishing you have ever experienced. Stick Marsh / Farm 13 Reservoir One of the best bass fishing spots in Florida was created in 1987 and has become known by bass anglers for being one of the premier places for catching trophy fish. Located just outside of Fellsmere and to the west of Vero Beach, Stick Marsh / Farm 13 Reservoir is recognized by Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission biologists as an ideal ecosystem for bass fishing and is likely to continue to be a highly recommended fishing spot for years to come. The Rodman Reservoir Located just east of Gainesville and measuring over 9,300 acres in total size, the Rodman Reservoir is a prime Florida bass fishing spot for catching largemouth bass. Established in 1968, this reservoir has consistently yielded prize-winning trophy fish like the winner of the state record in 2000 that ... ... middle of paper ... ...state. If you pay attention to these things, then you will find that bass fishing in Florida is one of the greatest things that this unique state has to offer to anglers from around the world. Simply put, Florida offers one of the best places for catching that bass you have always dreamed of. Sources “Sea Eagle 330,” Sea Eagle http://www.seaeagle.com/SportKayaks.aspx “Shakespeare Ugly Stik Spinning Rods,” Bass Pro Shops http://www.basspro.com/Shakespeare-Ugly-Stik-Spinning-Rods/product/303/51834?cmCat=CROSSSELL_THUMBNAIL#description “Largemouth Bass,” Fish 4 Fun http://www.fish4fun.com/largemouth_bass.htm “10 Amazing Bass Fishing Hot Spots in Florida,” My Bass Fishing Pro http://mybassfishingpro.com/10-amazing-bass-fishing-hot-spots-in-florida/ “Licenses and Permits,” Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission http://myfwc.com/license/

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