A Guide For Bathroom Lighting: A Guide

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Bathroom lighting - a guide

The bathroom has ceased to be a room that is exclusively for washing. Since we spend more and more time in it, we want to create a place where we feel good. Therefore, when arranging the bathroom space, apart from the choice of fittings, ceramics, furniture, the way of finishing the walls and the floor, we should also look more closely at the proper lighting of the interior. Light has a huge impact on our well-being. In addition, properly selected lighting also contributes to the comfort of using the bathroom.

Lighting planning
Once we have arranged the placement of the individual parts of the bathroom equipment, before going to tile placement, we should first lead the wiring and hide it in the walls. This will allow us to determine the number of so- "Scene" lighting in our bathroom. In the case of small toilets, this is usually one "scene," while bathing areas to provide enough light need at least two scenes: "clear" for fast stops and "soft and low" for long, relaxing baths. To create different "scenes" we must plan at least two switches that should be located at a safe distance from damp places. The simplest and most common solution is to place the switches on the outside of the bathroom, just by the door.
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For this purpose usually used all kinds of standard light bulbs or low voltage halogens. LEDs, fluorescent lamps and compact fluorescent lamps can not be used for this purpose (including most illuminated
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