A Great Leader

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This paper will address my personal feelings of what is leadership. It will then discuss the characteristics that go into making up a great leader. Next, I will evaluate my strengths and weaknesses as an effective leader in relation to my list of great leadership characteristics. As a final point, I will finish with a plan on how I will improve myself as a leader.

Leadership is a difficult word to define. There are so many different meanings that leadership has meant over the centuries. My personal definition is, "Leadership is a positive process that helps followers to move in the right direction so they can eventually achieve their goals."

1. Visionary- All great leaders have the ability to visualize a future for their company and are able to map out a path that will make that vision a reality. This skill is essential for a leader to have because it enables a CEO to take his company to new heights where it previously has not been. Visioning is a crucial part of a leader’s repertoire. A leader without the ability to see into the future with his company in mind will lose his competitive advantage and turn into a manager who is just working to keep his company afloat. According to authors V. Anfara Jr. & K. Brown, “No matter what type of organization, or conception of leadership, a vision of what the organization ought to be seems vital to success, especially during turbulent times.” (Anfara, 2003) Without the aid of visioning, other forms of corporate growth are inhibited so it is imperative that a leader have the courage to make the leap and follow his vision in order to ensure the success of the company.

2. Motivator- Motivation is a major factor in how people are able to accomplish their goals and dreams in the workplace a...

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...iversities in the Portland area. Another way I can develop my skills is to do volunteer work that requires the use of leadership at the job site. Finally, I can take a job teaching kids tennis. Believe it or not, leading a group of little kids is a great test of leadership ability.

During my personal odyssey, it was discovered that leadership is a positive process that helps followers to move in the right direction so they can eventually achieve their goals. This personal definition helped to define the criteria for an effective leader that turned out to be knowledge, a motivator, risk taker, a great communicator, integrity, and a visionary. Unfortunately, I realized that I do not have all of these qualities in the amount that I feel necessary to be a perfect leader. Now that I realize this, I can work on my weaknesses and improve my leadership skills.

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