“A Good Woman and Her Dependencies”

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Marion seems like a normal lady with kids and a husband, form the outside looking in they look like the typical working class family in today world. But thing are not always like they seem, sometime we have a lot on are plate then there used to be in the past considering how today society is high on workload demand and less on personal time for a working individual.
Marion is not immune to this pressure of life and responsibilities of being a mother, a daughter, a part-time Register Nurse, and a full-time wife. She is the main person of dependency in the family, with being the main person all the time can build up a lot of stress which leads her to her addiction problems. The addiction builds up from being, overwhelm, stress, workload, trying to please everyone around her not troubling someone when demand for her time is high, that build to her have migraine headaches and taking painkiller prescription drugs like Percodan to relive her stress. Her fears were here husband divorcing her, taking the kids, and being alone.
Example: Jane felt stress by her financial problems, so she intends to drink wine more then she usually would every time she does her budget.
Her relationship with her husband seems to be one-side relationship, she love and respects him with the highest regard and this should be normal to love your spouse and feel this way. However, on the other side of the coin, her husband does not see her in the same shining light; his work deems more of the importance then his wife. He seems to be dependent towards his wife and not think of her pressure her going through. While she does what is ask from her she feels guilt and blames herself for everything that goes wrong when there is friction between the two of them.

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...lling and verbally abusive to me, and he does not realize that and work with his wife on her issue thing will remain the same. The story does not say if did try or not to help her out with her addiction problems, so I am going on in my opinion of what the story portrays. In conclusion, he needs to make a change to if he really wants to help his wife recovery for good, then stop putting work before the family you love and the wife that need your support.
Example: Rose quite smoking but wanted to smoke when she felt pressure by her boyfriend, to do all the chores in the house, because he works full-time. However, Rose also works full-time and this add stress to Rose, when the all the chore are not done the boyfriend always scolds her about finishing. This make Rose have the urges to smoke, cause she do not want to cause trouble for her boyfriend how works full time.
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