A Good Corporate Image And Strategic Communication

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A good corporate image and strategic communication are essentials for the organization’s reputation management in the 21st Century. Reputation becomes a potential mean that can affect the market value of the company and “an intangible asset of the firm” (Helm, 2007, p. 238; Gaultier-Gaillard & Louisot, 2006; Thiessen & Ingenhoff, 2011 p. 8). Good understanding of joint operations and use of different channels of media can help an organization that in crisis to retrieve confidence and market values (Gamage, 2016). To signify and increase the reputation, organizational values, vision, goals, and mission are required to be sent out to all groups of stakeholder accurately and effectively. This is because communication plays an indispensable role in building and sustaining corporate reputation. The majority of researchers share the same view and have been aware of a significance of communication in reputation management. The aim of this review is to provide analysis of the role of communication in managing reputation, particularly during the occurrence of a crisis situation. To understand communication role and reputation, it is necessary to compare different point of views about reputation, crisis, and communication in various scholarly studies because the focus of research on reputation is varied (Thiessen & Ingenhoff, 2011). This review will begin with key concepts and definition of reputation management and crisis communication. Some aspects of crisis communication that contribute to managing reputation will be briefly explored with a case study. The review will conclude with a short discussion of the finding of the literature. Reputation, as Fombrun (1996), refers to the involvement of the firm’s perceptual representation of p... ... middle of paper ... ...appened with Fonterra Sri Lanka in 2013, according to Gamage (2016). The company are successful with providing quick responses with accurate fact, solution, and improvement commitment through diverse media. Additionally, their management plans had been implemented and was able to help the company to control damages and restore consumer’s confidence. This case has been proved that a strategic management communication can helps the organization saving their reputation and other damages not to widely expanded. Situational Crisis Communication Theory (SCCT) helps to maximizing understanding of how to increase protection of reputation by post-crisis communication (Coombs, 2007). The SCCT is a crisis responsive strategies and focuses on strategies to select for crisis communication according to the type of crisis (Utz, Schultz, & Glocka, 2013; Coombs & Holladay, 2010).

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