A Globalized Society Brings People, Cultures, Markets, and Beliefs Together

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A globalized society creates an increasingly complicated set of forces and factors that bring people, cultures, markets, and beliefs together. The improvement of technology, transportation, and communication means that in the last century businesses, governments, and people are being drawn into greater proximity with one another. As a result, the notion of civil society is slowly being challenged because state borders are no longer ‘containers of society’, meaning that the state is no longer a ‘fixed unit of sovereign space’ (Agnew, 59). One of the key phenomenon of globalization is the emergence of a global civil society. Global civil society refers to the ‘vast assembly of groups operating across borders and beyond the reach of governments’ (Keane, 2003). However, society is not the only element challenging state borders. Globalization has also generated the need to reexamine our interpretation of governance. Before globalization, the state was responsible for the management of government and rule of law within its borders. It was also responsible to ensure that its actions were accountable to the public and legislative bodies through things like free elections, authorizing representatives, and fair policies. Therefore, with the dissolution of state borders new accountability measures need to be determined because global governance does not possess any of the mechanisms that states use to make their governments accountable (Dryzek, 105). That is why the role of global civil society needs to be examined because it has an enormous influence on making global governance accountable and as a result, more democratic. Therefore, this paper will examine global civil society in order to prove that it has a critical influence on global go... ... middle of paper ... ...ety that things like transparency, policy monitoring and review, etc can be both promoted and carried out. It is through these mechanisms that accountability and democracy can be achieved not only because they demand that global governance be open so that their actions can be seen, but also because they offer different channels through which citizens can demand change. Global civil society makes global governance more democratic because it gives voice to those that democracy may not ‘see’. It supports grass root movements, local people, the environment and allows them to speak out against inequalities that global governance might enforce. This makes global governance more democratic because it encourages everyones voice to be heard, and makes sure that the intentions of global governance are acceptable, because if they are not society has the power to demand change.
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