A Fatal Love: Romeo and Juliet

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A Fatal Love
One of the most important aspects of a relationship with someone is devoting their self and time to one another. Another way of building a strong base for a relationship is by giving or showing constant support or commitment, which can also be known as loyalty. When love is present, loyalty is as well. When an individual dedicates his or herself to another, they are also relying on each other to stay side by side no matter what may come in their direction. Being loyal to a loved one is not only displayed in life, but also in the play Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, as seen when Romeo and Juliet get married, Juliet refuses to marry Paris at her father’s command, Romeo risks his own life by going back to Verona to see Juliet, and when both the lovers take their lives for one another.
Romeo and Juliet deciding to marry one another is a huge risk, considering their families pasts. Their devotion to each other, is one of the major roles in the play. The Montagues and Capulets have been enemies for eternities, so there marriage would just simply be not allowed by their families. At the Capulets ball, tybalt is speaking to his uncle Lord Capulet, at this time he states "uncle this is a Montague, our foe".(1.3.63) This gave the reader a better understanding about how much the Montagues and Capulets really despised each other. After realizing how much the two families disliked each other I thought it was a very very bold move by Romeo and Juliet to go through with marrying each other. By devoting themselves to each other, they are risking their relationships with their families. People believed that their love could help heal the life long war between their families. Friar Lawrence stated “for this all...

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... this count I shall be much in years
Ere I again behold my Romeo.

As shown here, Romeo is blatantly saying that he will not be able to go on without Juliet.
Ultimately, many risks may be taken to maintain a loyal relationship with someone. The main focus of the play Romeo and Juliet is maintaining allegiance. This is seen when Romeo and Juliet marry, Juliet refuses to marry Paris, Romeo risks his life for Juliet, and in the end when the lovers take their lives. If putting each other first means putting their family relationship in jeopardy, they are willing to take the chance to be with one another. Nothing would stop Romeo and Juliet from being together, and in the end the only thing they want is each other. This demonstrates how being committed may call for sacrificing other things to stay devoted to something one loves. Being loyal is easy i
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