A Farm In Cuba

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What is good for the people is not always good for the country. George Orwell, the British author, wrote Animal Farm to criticize the government of the Soviet Union. Today and back then, Animal Farm is considered an allegory with objects of satire that make it eligible for censorship and restriction in Cuba.
Animal Farm’s allegory of the Soviet Union has a deeper meaning about the communist government. An allegory is a work of literature with two distinct levels where the characters or events symbolize something else. The animals, settings, and dealings of the farm are related to those of the history of the Soviet Union. Napoleon from Animal Farm represents Joseph Stalin, the notorious communist leader of the Soviet Union. Joseph Stalin killed and forced anyone, who threatened his position, into labor camps or had them killed. Napoleon, the pig, is a leader who always got his way and killed any animal that disagreed (7). Another example is that Snowball, the pig, represents Leon Trotsky. Leon Trotsky was known for his great speeches and advice. Snowball was a leader who was quick i...

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