A Farewell To Arms Analysis Essay

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1. A Farewell to Arms is one of the best books of its generation, has everything from romance to violence and everything in-between. The novel by Ernest Hemmingway was written in 1929 but takes place in the World War I era and is based on the author’s life. In 1918 Hemingway went into the Italian Ambulance Corps and fell in love with a Red Cross nurse, which is almost exactly what happened to Lieutenant Frederic Henry, the protagonist in the story. Knowing that this story is based on Hemingway’s life takes the novel to another level. Hemingway has a deeper level of understanding and is able to give incredible depictions of life throughout -the time period that most people would not have been able to do if they had not experienced it. He is also able to skillfully map the psychological intricacies of his characters. This is why many critics believe that A Farewell to Arms is Hemingway’s most decorated and impressive novel. It can be seen as an artifact of its generation because it affords its readers a look at what it was like to be involved in WWI. The physical hardships endured and the mental struggles faced by wounded warriors are vividly captured in this book. #2 Hemingway’s use of syntax and diction has an impact on the style, tone and adds a ‘je ne sais crois’ to the novel. He is able to integrate short, incomplete sentences to show how while at the same time Hemmingway utilizes run-on sentences to construct a much better setting. One of his best features as a writer is that he is able to write in a straightforward manner. This is seen through adjectives that are rarely used, common words and basic sentences. One example of this is “We think. We read. We are not peasants. We are mechanics” (Hemingway 5... ... middle of paper ... ...enry and Catherine are joyful, something always ruins it whether it is Henry's wound, his being sent back to the front, his forthcoming arrest, or, conclusively, Catherine's passing from childbirth. The only way to deal with the pain is to be with each other for support. Catherine was love-struck at when she met Henry. She admits she was "crazy" at first. This is probably because of the recent passing of her fiancé, but Henry also falls into love with her fairly quickly. Love is an amazing thing. It has the ability to distract people from all their troubles. A quote from this book that captures this idea is “we were never lonely when were together.” (Hemingway 216) When they are side by side with each other, nothing can happen to them. Concealed inside the protection of Catherine's stunning hair, Henry and Catherine feel safeguarded from the brutal external world.
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