A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen

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A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen The play “A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen is about a wife that is hiding a big secret from her overprotective husband. The play takes place on Christmas Eve till the day after Christmas. Nora Helmer and Torvald Helmer have been married for 8 years, yet Nora is hiding something from Torvald that she thinks would ruin everything if he found out. It opens up with Nora coming home and decorating the house for Christmas and making preparations. They have 3 children: Ivar, Bob, and Emmy, who are all very young. Torvald is a lawyer and has recently just gotten a promotion where he works at the bank and been made manager of the Joint Stock Bank, yet Nora is just a housewife and Torvald doesn’t trust her with money because she is a “spend swift” and blows money on useless things. On Christmas Eve, a friend of Nora’s that she hasn’t seen for ten years stops by along with Dr. Rank, a long time friend of both Torvald and Nora. Her Friends name is Kristine, but is referred to as Mrs. Linde. She explains how she has just moved to town and has been a widow for 3 years. She asks Nora for help getting a job, and Nora responds by telling her she could ask her husband who is now the manager at the bank to give her a job there. They go on talking and Nora tells her the secret that she has been keeping from Torvald. She tells her about how her husband was very ill and they did not have a lot of money, yet the doctors said the only way to cure him was to take a trip to Italy. So Nora says that she had to borrow money from someone, who goes unnamed, to take the trip to Italy. She never told Torvald that he was sick or that she borrowed money from anyone because she thinks he would look down upo... ... middle of paper ... ...running out of his study screaming at her and asking if what the letter from Krogstad says is true. She tells him that it is and he tells her what a deceitful liar she is. The maid then comes in with another letter from Krogstad, which he reads immediately. In the letter he says that he forgives her and is sorry and gives her back the I.O.U that she had given her with the forged signature. Nora and Torvald are both very happy and they burn the letter along with the I.O.U, getting rid of all evidence and saying that they are saved. Nora goes to change and then tells Torvald they need to sit down and have a serious conversation, she tells him that he does not understand her and he treats her like a doll, just to play with but never anything serious. She tells him that she has to leave him, he begs her not to but she says she must and then walks out the door.

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