A Dog Is A Man 's Best Fried

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They say that a dog is a man’s best fried, but they don’t tell you about the overall cost, responsibility, or convenience about adopting one. Dogs are supposed to bring so much joy to a household, but sometimes they can only fill a void for a short amount of time. When a dog owner buys a dog, do they actually research the things that they are about to get in to? When I bought my dog, Skye, I never really looked into is issues; I just looked at the benefits. I love Skye to death, and I guess I could say that she also loves me to death. Even though someone rescuing a dog may think they are doing something great; they are causing an issue on how they will forever live their life. For example, dogs are expensive. When I rescued my dog, Skye, from the West Michigan Humane Society, she was a puppy. This automatically made her more cost go up because everyone wants to adopt a puppy. Skye has hyper aggression disorder, which means her happiness causes her to be destructive. I call it “loving to hard” because she is just showing too much affection. I have paid many vet bills ranging from three distemper shots to sedation and stomach pumping from swallowing rat poisoning. She has ripped up the carpet in my bedroom because she was so excited to see who was in the living room, and she has dug multiple holes throughout the yard. I have since had my floor replaced and the holes filled, but these are things that not every dog owner experiences. Additionally, the expense for the average dog is $1,500 in the first year and about $700 annually (ASPCA). These expenses include the food, state licensing, mandatory pet vaccinations, toys, and treats. This also is the price if the owner choses to have their dog fixed, feeds a generic dog food, pays for... ... middle of paper ... ...ect a household. Hearing dogs can be the ears for a person that is hard of hearing, seeing dogs can be the eyes for someone who is legally blind, and service dogs can be an alert system for someone with epilepsy. Although, these dogs are put through a lot of special training for a specific need. More often than not, an assistance dog is adopted but also donated to someone who is handicap. Since a landlord is unable to refuse a house or apartment to someone with an assistance dog, and they are allowed everywhere it is less likely for them to become an inconvenience. In conclusion, adopting a dog can be more difficult than anyone plans. They require a lot of attention and affection. They can cause an issue when trying to rent an apartment or home, and can cost more than expected. All dogs have great perks to them, but for some people the responsibility can be too much.

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